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Get creative with your space and style!

As the name implies, we are presenting a revitalizing, serendipitous experience. We take pride in a diverse assemblage of clothing, art, handcrafted jewelry, artists’ collections, and artisanal assortments of chocolates, organic soaps, candles, unexpected finds, etc.

We also have a curated collection of unique vintage and contemporary accessories and accent furniture pieces. These are carefully selected to blend with a contemporaneous style of living.

As a lifelong collector of vintage clothing, longevity, diversity, and quality create a unique style. Vintage tells its own story, imbuing present lifestyles with the charm and character that sparks precious moments.

The SERENDIPITY mission is to blend eclectic styles. Whether in clothing, a marvelous lamp, or vase, we will present them in vignettes to showcase their inherent value. We will provoke an inner yearning to share in the comfort and security of fond memories and nostalgia.


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About Our Journey

About Our Journey